• Squadron [Beta]

    Complete missions with your squad, level up, earn rare weapons, clear new territories. Game is currently in beta and missing some features. Please report any issues. Latest Version: 0.10.9 What's new? - New mission available (50+ Lobby) - Replayable Missions - Mythic rarity (Merge legendaries) - Merge weapons to increase rarity - Instant Heal, Healing Pads equipment

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  • 🍰 Dessert Simulator

    Welcome to Dessert Simulator! Feed your pets some dessert to level them up and earn coins! Adopt rare and high level pets to eat the biggest desserts! Latest Version: 1.0.2 🐾 Trading! ⬆ Rebirths (End of world 3) 🏆 8 Badges βž• Everyone gets a free extra pet slot 🌎 World 3 added! 💰 Coin packs now scale with areas unlocked ⏩ Game progresses a little faster (Update log can be found in our disc below)

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