Joined from shortfireboy on August 25th, 2011, nearly a decade ago.

- Owner/Developer of Bloxy World, an upcoming game
- Game Creator of Sword Fighting Facility I. 1.2M+ visits
- Retired Admin at Fire Ring Legends
- Retired Strucid In-Game Moderator
- PUBG:M Conqueror / S1 Veteran
- HR Berzerker at Black Magic

How to pronounce my username: X Yuke, not Zee-Yuke 

I'm experienced in JS, DisJS, HTML, CSS, Meya.Ai, Blender, and Lua.

Message me if you have any questions. I'll reply if possible.
-- Xeiuk


  • Sword Fighting Arena

    GROUP: https://www.roblox.com/groups/8638222/Sword-Fighting-Champions - Shop is located on the group - If you're on mobile, simply scroll down to social media links and you'll find it there! Welcome to Sword Fighting Arena! Join now to play on a FFA arena to combat multiple players in classic sword fighting! Earn swords by gaining more kills. There's currently over 20 earnable swords! Credits: Icon Creator: Meowsriel Map Creators: Hqtm, ExaltedSky, SpectralSpin, qball700, FrostedScript, WorriedStick, LunarXVII, and 1Nuked Huge thanks to the map creators who've donated maps to help out Sword Fighting Arena become a place with variety and to staff who keep this game clean and group members ranked. Much appreciation to them!

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  • Bloxy World [1%]

    What this is: This is basically 1% of Bloxy World, an upcoming game. When you join, you'll receive a badge that will gain you extra perks once Beta is released. Think of this as the beta-beta-beta version of the game.

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