"Beneath the beam that blocked the sky, none had stood so alone as I and the Hangman strapped me, and no voice there cried "Stay" for me in the empty square." Read More

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  • K.T.O.R

    We are some of the elite fighters and builders of Roblox, every one of us is hand picked, none of us are average. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We are allies with the Elite Wing, The Knights Templar, 200th Airborn, 199th Infantry, Empire Of Unknown, Squad 42 Elite, Great Spartans of Roblox, Gov't of Roblox, Roblox Marines, and many others. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In order to join you need to impress an officer or tryout. To tryout you must have at least 2000 kills. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hand train every one of my members so if you want training just ask. Uniforms are not manditory but there are some for sale.

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  • Atheists of ROBLOX

    We are atheists. Being an atheist means we do not worship any god. This group is for scientific discussion and chat, not for insulting other beliefs. We don't mind religious people joining to pose a challenge against atheism with debates, but please keep in mind the verse Matthew 10:14, and therefore do not join if your intent is to preach. Post on the wall if you are Agnostic, Theist, or famous and would like to be ranked as such. This may take a couple tries, please be patient. These positions do not come with more power, they are just used to title our members more accurately. The rules of this group are detailed in the group place, Atheism. They're fairly standard (and none should be difficult to follow), but please check them if you have time.

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  • Universal Mini Builders

    Welcome to the Universal Mini Builders[UMB]; We are a group full of minibuilders and roleplayers who strive to have fun and create environments where others can do the same. Here you'll find minibuilders, roleplayers and innovators alike so join the ranks and get started in the largest minibuilding community on roblox! But wait, there's more! We run projects such as: Empires of Earth Project [EoEP] You can find more information about this through the wiki. You can get to this by searching Universalminibuilders in Google. We also host personal build servers that range from total-war esque games, to massive group building projects. Despite how joyful this sounds, there are rules: (To be made) In this group, rules are expected to be followed. This is to allow for everyone, to enjoy the time that you may spend in this group. There are other mini building groups too and from time to time we will do joint projects with these groups, check our allies to see them!

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