Yes i am the orginal creator of one of the maps of the greatest Murder Mystery game ever. AKA Abandoned Mine.
Favorite bands 
1. Nirvana
2. Iron maiden 
3. Foo Fighters
4. Ac/Dc 
5. Manowar
6. Kiss
7. Metallica
8. Green day
9. Metallica 
10. Black Sabbath
11. David Bowie
12. Black flag
13. Red hot chili peppers 
14. Guns n roses
15. The who
16. Rush
17. Foo fighters 
18. Muse 
19. U2
20. Pearl jam 
21. The clash
22. Oasis 
23 Bon jovi 
24. Linkin Park
25. Blink 182
26. Aerosmith
27. Radiohead
28. 30 seconds to Mars 
29. Avenged sevenfold 
30. The doors


  • Abandoned Mine(Murder Mystery Map)UPDATE 2000

    In this new update i expanded the mine a little bit,i added an secret area! More to add soon! Please message me what do you think should i add in the next update! _______________________________________________ This is how the story began... Nikilis searched a Murder Mystery map,i message him,he got my map (changed it a little) bought a gear,and he renamed it from Mine of Doom to Avandoned Mine... So i did :D That's an achiement for me,and again, Thank you! ________________________________ Yes this is used in Murder Mistery ^_^ Nikilis used this map for his Murder Mystery game! He liked it and he buyed the dual plungers for donate! And he added some stuff,to make it cool, Hope you liked it,Please give it a thumbs up! Thanks to all!

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