-Former Original Lead Builder & Co-Founder For Tiny-Ship Simulator
-Former Developer For SCP Containment Breach By Minitoon [Built HCZ]
-Former Lead Builder & Development Assistant For SwordBlox Online
-Creator Of Tiny Battleships™ [Permanently Closed]
-Creator Of Tiny Sailor's:WORLD™
-Creator Of Tiny Warships:NAVAL™
-Creator Of Site-001™
---Currently Working On---
-Tiny Sailor's:WORLD™
-Tiny Warships:NAVAL™
---Future Projects---
-Sword World™
-Infected City™


  • [Discontinued] Site-001™ [BETA V2.1!]

    [Discontinued] Welcome To Site-001™! Join Our Official Roblox Group:!/about Status:[BETA] Site-001™ Is A SCP Round Based Survival Horror Game Inspired By SCP Secret Laboratory. You Can Play Multiple Teams Like Class D, Research, Security, MTFs & Even As An SCP! You Can Upgrade Your Guns & Unlock New Skins. Most Important Of All SURVIVE! Make Sure To Like & Favorite The Game & Have Fun! Game Owner/Creator/Developer: Builder_Elite Elite Studios™ Group Invite Code: tmpRADX Follow The Developer At: @Elite_Studios™ Be Sure To Like And Favorite If You Enjoyed The Game! Current Version V2.1

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  • [ASAMA MARU REVAMP!] Tiny Sailor's: WORLD™

    👋Welcome To Tiny Sailor's: WORLD™! 🛠️Status:[BETA] 💻Recommended Hardware [Equivalent Or Better]: Intel Core i3; NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1650 4GB; 8GB DDR4 RAM 🚢Tiny Sailor's: WORLD™ Is A Vehicle & Ship Simulator Game Where You Can Sail Your Favorite Ships & Vehicles! 🛳️Sail Your Favorite Ships From Ocean Liners Like Titanic To Container Ships, Cruise Ships, Warships & More! 🌊Sink Your Ship With Many Sink Simulation Options! ✈️Fly Planes & Airships Into The Majestic Sky! 🤿Dive Into The Abyss & Sink Ships With Submarines! 🔨Customize Ships, Planes, Airships & Submarines Using Ship Options Customization Gamepass! 🐦Follow The Developer At: @Elite_Studios™ 👍Like & 🌟Favorite If You Enjoyed The Game! 🔔Be Sure To Hit The Follow Button To Get Notified Of Game Updates! 🎮Try Out Our New Warship Game! Tiny Warships:NAVAL™: 👷Developer: Builder_Elite 🛠️Current Version 3.4.0

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