Hi, I'm SharpTH, friendly neighborhood video maker, place builder, scripter and top hat enthusiast!

It's hard to keep up with my inbox (847 unread messages as of the 14th of August!) so send me a tweet over on twitter or send me a private message to YouTube channel if you want to talk about something!


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  • Land of the Silent Sun

    Prove yourself.

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  • The SharpTH Island Resort (2012 EDITION)

    There's now a ski resort area, check it out near the skydive helicopter! Welcome to the SharpTH Resort! the island with lots of activities, including.Football, Swimming,Relaxing,Exploring,Skating,Sightseeing, Hanging out, rocking, eating, Jetskiing, even skydiving! but most important of all, fun, and much more! This game will be updated frequently, so keep an eye out for new additions! A new addition is being made, an obstacle course for the jetski users, test your skills! The hotel is incomplete, it's under contruction

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  • Ultimate CTF [1.5 Alpha] [More Maps!]

    This is a completely scripted Capture the Flag game, with it's own GUI, Map rotation, weapons, and more! The aim of the game is to capture the other team's flag, which will be found in their base, if you successfuly capture and bring their flag to your team's flag, your team will get a point, after five minutes, the winners of the round will be decided. When I get Builder's Club again, i'll be implimenting a weapon purchasing system that lets you buy new, unique weapons to replace the default ones. Want to see your level in the game? Private message me, I'll be interested!

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  • John's Winter Getaway [BrickBattle]

    Once every year in the ROBLOX universe, Telamon visits his holiday home in the vast mountains of Norway. This is a brickbattle, fight for your very life! Collect present boxes and get random weapons! Collect medical presents to heal yourself! Jump on a trampoline! get a snowball thrown into your face! There are also many presents scattered around, collect them all! Built by SharpTH, Obviously.

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  • The British Isles

    The UK Made out of bricks! The epic Wales/Cymru, England/Anglia, Scotland/Alba, Ireland/Éire, and even the epic The Isle of man/Ellan Vannin! And if you're going to ask, i'm from Wales, woo. If you think this is all "England" Get out, now.

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