Heyo! I'm helloguys34.

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Animator for Yellow Gearworks (created emotes for their featured game, the Witching Hour)
New Member of the Developer Forums
Disc: hello#5486 (currently not for hire, but I am up for any questions with animating!)

I've been playing since early 2011 (around 7 years), and have recently got into ROBLOX animation and coding! For the animating side of development, I mainly focus on weapon animation (such as reloads, shooting and so on), as well as dabbling in a bit of NPC and custom character animation. For the scripting side of development, I pretty much specialise on the GFX side of  it, as it gives my creations a burst of life and colour rather than just some bleak action a character is doing!

If you'd like to see a bunch of work I have done throughout my animation career, feel free to check out a few of my places in the Creations tab!Read More


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  • FPS Testing

    Testing place I create FPS animations in. Models do not belong to me, only the animations, rigging and (a great portion) of the coding. Click any of the options on the bottom left corner (more are to come) of the screen to spawn with the respective FPS weapon. Reset to exit out of the FPS weapon and and select another option. I don't have plans on creating a shooter, nor will I be able to on my own. This place does not have much functionality other than shooting and reloading (as can be told by the lack of aiming down sight and bobbing)

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  • Tool Testing

    Creating tools featuring use of animations. Mainly working on the client side function of things but replication through the server to other clients will be a thing soon! Note that this is a constantly updated game. It will always be open and does display progress of everything I do, which means theres a chance that there will be animations/sounds mixed in or missing.

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  • helloguys34's Animation Showcase(OLD)

    Showcase of my older work (2017 to late 2018). Probably gonna make an up to date showcase soon! Click a button to become their character. To select another character, click the "Chose Another" button on the bottom left corner. Samurai: Q to equip the katana Left Click to do an attack sequence Guns: Left click to Fire Q to atease/unatease (only affects the two galils) R to reload (only affects the two Galils, the two pistols, the AWP, the Akimbo G18s, the M4A1 and the AK47) Click the Blacksmith for a meme! The only things I own here are the animations, scripts and very little additions such as the RopeConstraint string to the archer's bow and the ROBLOX Studio Logo union. Other models used in this place are not created or owned by me , though I have been contracted (and with some cases, paid) to work with, being the: Mario rig, the Infantry drummer, the Blacksmith and the Lumberjack). Characters may break when selecting. Rejoin to fix this

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