Welcome to my profile, a tiny little piece of existence in this mad world we call Roblox. Now I'm sure you're here to know what sort of person I am ?, unless you want to visit my place, which is over there >_> (>>>>>>>)
But if you want to learn about me, keep your eyes here and keep on reading.

I like to consider myself a friendly person who's rather creative. I often come up with a lot of ideas for games, so much so that just as once starts to take form, I'm off considering what the next 'big idea' should be.
Currently I'm running around the new "Game Marketing" forum and plan to make a small name of myself there. I plan to test out a lot of games there and providing feedback, so keep an eye out.

That's it for now, see you out there !


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    I'm testing out some of the stuff within the templates, so bare with me. I'm not certain what I'll make. I feel I should at least have one game up, just keep changing what I want to do. Without the enthusiasm, patience or the skill to build certain things im not sure what i'll end up making in the end. Hopefully that'll change soon, huh ?

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