My ultimate goal is to create something that surpasses my expectations. while this goal is likely unreachable, the journey will undoubtedly be enjoyable.

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    Latest Update: - Removed Halloween costumes from Bailley's Clothing Boutique - Improved food inventory sorting - Added option to serve plates of food on tables and other surfaces (right click item in inventory) - Made changes to increase performance Previous Update: - New House: Modern single-floor 5 bedroom house with traditional Asian architecture and themes. - New Furniture: Pair limited edition furniture with your new house, or find a way to add even more taste to your current masterpiece! - New Game Pass: Customize your furniture colors to create new and unique themes never seen before! - New Radio: Tune into RoRadio when you turn on your stereo or car radio for full hand picked playlists of great music! Follow me on Twitter for codes and news about RoCitizens! @JB_Firebrand

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