hello, i'm theo! 
i've been playing roblox since 2011!  play me and bluecap67's game Heroes of the Forest! 

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  • Heroes of the Forest

    🌳 Welcome to Misty Forest 🌳 Heroes of the Forest is a linear 3D adventure & platforming game jam-packed with story, collectable Statues, boss fights, fun movement mechanics, NPCs, and tons more. Embark on a quest to save Misty Forest from the Incarnate of Darkness; SECRET, and save the Forest from eternal corruption. Assemble a team of heroes, traverse through ten unique Checkpoints, collect exclusive Statues, and uncover the hidden legends of Misty Forest in Heroes of the Forest. 🌲 Latest Update [5/3/22] 🌲 - 🥚 Egg Hunt has ended! - 🌳 The Outskirts is back to normal! - 🧝 New Character - Hallie! - Join the Outskirts for more info! Story / Lead Design - theo_owlman Programming / Boss Fights - bluecap67

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  • Theo's Game Hub

    (IMPORTANT INFO: Due to an issue, a LOT of teleporters will not be working. I'm going to try to get this fixed, but I don't know if I can. Apologies to everyone. Enjoy the new stuff.) Welcome to my game hub, with teleporters to (mostly) every single game that I've ever created! Explore the island, travel to the moon, enjoy a refreshing Baja Blast, and talk to many different people around the island! With help by Bluecap67, aetrnaC, and more!

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