• A Dumb Day [Shiny Arrow + 2x event]

    UPDATE is coming soon. Values are going to shift drastically. Make sure to farm as hard as you can. ➤ ✨ A Dumb Day is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game based on the A Bizarre Day format. ➤ 📖 Trello/Game Guide: /b/XhT77vWL ➤ ✅ Check the Changelogs in the game for latest changes. ➤ 📱 If mobile isn't visible, head to settings. Majority of the game scripts are created by our developers Staticaliza (PROXDGAMER00) and cjhatter, and the framework is rewritten as we go. TAGS: a dumb day, add, jojo, a bizarre day, abd, stand, stands, fight, fighting, pvp, bizarre, modded, fandom, rng, luck, farm, grind, grinding, afk, fun

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