The ProximityPrompt is an object that allows developers to prompt users to interact with an object in the 3D world, such as opening a door or picking up an item.

ProximityPrompts work when parented to a Part, Model, or Attachment in the workspace.
In order to detect when the user interacts with the object, listen for the Triggered event on the ProximityPrompt in either a Script or LocalScript.

diamond grey cube have the diamond have a get be green teal cube dark a octagon the be maroon ring


  • casually re-scripting the whole game

    i have nothing better to do so im gonna make the game function better

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  • 2007 studio (very cool)

    it is a nice summer 2007 day (best played on graphics level 2-4) - by deleting the following roblox ingame image files: + rbxasset://textures/ui/TopBar/iconBase.png + rbxasset://textures/ui/TopBar/coloredlogo.png - you can experience the game like if it was the year - well, only if you know what you're doing What's new? (12/27/21) + oh

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