• [Retake Arc] Attack on Titan: Freedom War

    This is a permadeath multiplayer campaign where soldiers and warriors fight for the control of the founding titan. Dying quickly is a common thing here, only the strong and lucky ones survive. The campaign is not a exact recreation of the aot storyline, but a similar one. It's divided in multiple arcs that contain multiple stages. It’s recommended to test shifters/pvp in practice before playing the campaign. Titan spawns doesn't change with the number of players in the server. If you constantly disconnect try turning low gfx on in settings. Inspired by the anime/manga Attack on Titan.

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  • Attack on Titan: Freedom War [Gameplay Demo]

    Controls: Tab = SkillsMenu/UpgradesMenu E/Q = Cast Space + E/Q = Hard Cast A/D = Drift Space = Boost R = Equip/Unequip Blades F = Drop Blades G = Grab Villagers/Players(If they allow it) T = Ungrab Villagers/Players G = Change Villagers/Players(When they are in a titan's mouth) MiddleMouseButton = Alternative Counter Key ASDASDW = Rage Mode(50 Skill Points)(One time use) YOUR SERVER NEEDS 4/8 WINS TO UNLOCK FINAL MISSION BEFORE A FULL MAP ROTATION(HARDCORE ONLY) Clothes made by s3bastia_n -Permanent death- New game version is out! https://www.roblox.com/games/11534222714/Clash-of-Titans-Arc-Attack-on-Titan-Freedom-War

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