Proud creator of The "Original" Scary Elevator & The Scary Button! 
My focus is delivering fun horror experiences on Roblox 😨 ...


  • POPPY PLAYTIME - Scary Elevator!

    Can you survive The Scary Elevator? 40 floors of pure terror... [📝UPDATE LOG📝] 🔪- New killer: Huggy Wuggy! 🗺️- New floor: Toy Store Construction... 🎃 - Halloween event revert! 📛- New badge! 💀- New lobby theme... 🎩- 5 FREE hats + 5 PREMIUM hats! 🔧- Numerous floors vaulted... + Much more! Join the official Scary Elevator group for in-game rewards:!/about If you enjoy the game please consider dropping it a like & favourite! 🔥

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  • POPPY PLAYTIME - Scary Button!

    Press the button ... I promise nothing bad will happen! 🖱️ ⚠️ HUGGY WUGGY has entered The Scary Button... Can YOU survive the Toy Factory? [📝UPDATE LOG📝] 📍 3 New rounds: Grillbys, Toy Factory & Red Mist! 🏆 2 New badges! 🎃 Halloween update reverted! 🔪 3 New killers: Squidward.exe, Huggy Wuggy & Sans... 💵 New GRAB PACK item! ⚙️ Bug fixes... +More! 📝 Collect coins during the rounds to spend on EPIC items to aid in your survival. Earn Clicks when you press the button!

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