Proud creator of The Scary Elevator!
I'm focused on delivering fun horror experiences on the Roblox platform. 
I engage with my community through my fan group so feel free to join to get in touch easier!

My current Roblox projects: Scary Elevator, Scary Button, Scary Mansion, Survive and Kill the Killers in AREA-51 & Squid Minigames!

I also make gaming videos (Roblox Horror games & random Horror games)...


  • (BACKROOMS) Scary Elevator! *NEW KILLERS*

    Can you survive The Scary Elevator? 45+ floors of pure terror... [📝UPDATE LOG📝] 🗺️ New floor: THE BACKROOMS 001! 🗺️ New floor: THE BACKROOMS 002! 🗺️ New floor: HAPPY MEAL... 🗺️ New floor: HAPPY APPY! 🗺️ New floor: ALLEYWAY... 🔪 New killer: THE SMILER... 🔪 New killer: APPY! 🔪 New killer: THE TRAPPER! 🔪 New killer: RONALD... 🎨 New lobby & elevator theme classic revert! 🏆 Ronald badge enabled... 💰 New shop expansion & shop stalls! 💰 Classic pets have returned (PETS SHOP!) 💰 4 New shop items... 🎵 New SFX... 🙌 New elevator events! 👒 New hats... [NEW SERVERS ONLY] Join my official group for in-game rewards:!/about If you enjoy the game please consider dropping it a like & favourite! 🔥

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  • Nightmare Battles!

    🔪 Battle as your favourite creepypasta character or horror icon! 👑 Capture the hill to earn crowns to spend on booster items... 🗺️ Explore the horror camp map! [📝 UPDATE LOG 📝] - New killer morph: Jenna the killer! - New camp area to explore... - Background music replaced/fixed... - Lobby expansion! - Server player limit increased to 30 players... Join my group for in-game rewards:!/about SHUTDOWN = UPDATE! Please note that Nightmare Battles is currently in early access and has not finished development.

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  • BACKROOMS🔪 Survive & Kill the Killers in AREA-51

    🪂 Drop into the base. ⚔️ Fight off hordes of monsters... ☠️ SURVIVE! [📝PATCH NOTES📝] - New killer: the smiler... - New killer: deathbringer (event only!) - 2 New random encounter events (deadwood & backrooms...) - New base area: the backrooms! - 3 New shop guns: UMP, F2000 & SKS! - 2 New shop swords: gold sword & sword of darkness... - New coil: God coil... - New R$ items area located in the shop! - Base layout changes, expansion + more! - New SFX... - GUI improvements + new damage indication! - Event timer changes & reward increase! - 3 New badges... + Much more! [NEW SERVERS ONLY] 🔥 Join my official group to unlock the RARE PISTOL weapon & earn extra monies + kills:!/about 🔥

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  • The Scary Button!

    Press the button ... I promise nothing bad will happen! 🖱️ ⚡ New killers have joined The Scary Button... Can you survive them? [📝UPDATE LOG📝] 🗺️ 3 New rounds! 🏆 2 New badges! 🔪 4 New killers... 💰 4 New shop items! ⚙️ Bug fixes... 🚧 3 Rounds removed... ⏰ New/Improved timer system! 🎵 New end of round sound... ✨ 2 New FREE morphs! 🖱️ New Clicks collectables (rare!) +More! 📝 Collect coins during the rounds to spend on EPIC items to aid in your survival. Earn Clicks when you press the button!

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