• Scary Elevator😨 [Survive the Killers!]

    How many floors can you survive? 👍 Like to unlock KILL THE KILLERS mode👍 {UPDATE} 🔪- Removed numerous floors & killers ⚙️- Lobby size decreased 🖌️- Rooms improved (VIP, MEGA VIP, RED ROOM, PREMIUM ROOM) 🖌️- New shop area 🎁- New shop buttons, stalls & items 🖌️- New elevator theme ⚙️- Lowered rebirth requirements + So much more! Update is live in new servers only.. 🎁 Claim FREE rewards such as speed coil, gems, rebirths & more every 3 minutes! 📝 Premium members can access the Premium room and claim FREE items! Join for in-game boosts: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3543123/MrNotSoHERO-Official-Group#!/about

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  • Scary Button😨 [Survive the Killers!]

    A chaotic horror game in which players must survive whatever killer the button throws at you... 👍 Like to unlock CLASSIC mode👍 { NEW UPDATE } 🔪 - New special round: Tsunami wave 👽 - Area-51 event has ended 🖌️ - Rebuilt lobby, shop & special rooms 🎁 - New shop items 💰 - Shop prices refreshed 🤑 - New game pass 🚪 - Special room improvements ⚙️ - Rebirth buttons fixed ⛔ - Removed Aliens round Update is live in new servers only.. Join my group to earn MORE stats in game: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3543123/MrNotSoHERO-Official-Fan-Group#!/about Premium players can access the special premium room and gain access to free items!

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  • Scary Killers in Area-51😨 [Kill the Killers!]

    You've been tasked with fighting back the monsters inside AREA-51. Use crazy weapons to kill them all.. IF YOU CAN! Containment events happen every 90 seconds & last for 1 minute. {NEW UPDATE} 🔪- New killer: SONIC.EXE 🔪- New killer: NIGHTMARE BALDI 🏆- New badge to earn 🔫- New weapon: F2000 🗺️- New base area ⚙️- Improved hit detection for many killers Update is live in new servers only.. { PREVIOUS UPDATE } 🔪- New containment killer: Observer bot 🔫- New weapon: USP pistol ⚙️- All players now start with a basic pistol 🗺️- New modes & games room This is an early access release. Expect bugs, glitches and other issues to arise.

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