My name is AndrewJamenson. I am a Roblox production designer/lighting designer. I specialize in live entertainment lighting design both in Roblox, and real life. When I am not focusing on a show, you will often find me playing games here on Roblox, and enjoying what the community has to offer.

Currently focusing on my Roblox company, Limitless Productions.
Looking  to have  lighting/production for your next event? Press the follow button and send me a message!

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  • RHHN 2015- Closed

    **PLEASE TURN YOUR GRAPHICS DOWN IF YOUR COMPUTER CAN'T HANDLE LARGE PLACES*** ______________________________________________________________________ Everyone involved with building/scripting/designing RHHN this year: Iamtheman4882, Fortboyard3, iiFrancis, Vritix, Nr501. RHHN is NOT a free event- You must buy one of the ticket game passes to gain access through the front gate! You will not be permitted without a ticket. ______________________________________________________________________ RHHN is not for the faint of heart, or young children- Please be advised! ______________________________________________________________________ NO costumes are permitted to be worn at RHHN. You will be asked to change if you enter the park with a costume on Roblox Halloween Horror Nights is in its third year of operation! Featuring brand new mazes, and scarezones. Will you make it out alive?

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