I dont accept friend requests without reason to. If you wish to contact me and I am not online you can sometimes find me on Steam or League of Legends under the name DorsalChicken Also check out my Colors!3D art gallery - My username is DorsalChicken "Is a win without effort really a win at all" Megajeffrey Update: I am unable to build or C-frame until I get a computer able to handle it. So ALL works in progress are on halt until further notice. Read More


  • Sword Art Online: Burst

    Sword Art Online: Burst Head Of Cardinal System: Rukiryo Head Of Database: Kensai666 Head Of Game World: Kythor

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  • Super ROBLOX Smash

    This is a group of supports for a new upcoming Smash Bros type of game on ROBLOX. Join the group to help it's development! Here is a link to the game!

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  • Digimon Aurity

    Max Level: 850 [RULES] [GAME] [UPDATE TESTING] Aurity now uses DataStores for saving, so people should never lose data again. However, screenshot your stats just to be safe.

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  • Pokemon Legends Fan Club!!!

    Welcome to the official group for Pokemon Legends! I also have a YouTube channel! Check it out we just hit 5k subscribers! YouTube Channel Link: ________________________________________________________________ PL Admins/People to report hackers/exploiters to: Darkunite43, Climethestair, CataclysmicEnigma666, Gamerdude640, Noliwan5enobi or me BeasTakip. ________________________________________________________________ PL is a fighting/role-play game where you level up to unlock new pokemon/adventures and explore the map looking for stickers and insane battle!

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    This was my 1st game, its full of free models and stuff, I only keep it as a reminder of how much I sucked when I started

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  • Model making

    Were I build and create requested items as well as normal things I make for myself.

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