• 🔫 Shotgun Simulator

    Shotgun Simulator is a round based game where the only weapon is a shotgun. Keep in mind: These shotguns have a decent amount of range! If you find the game fun, consider leaving a like 👍! Join the Shotgun Simulator Community:

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  • A Very Hungry Pikachu

    Get him down to 1/5 of his health for a surprise... " A Very Hungry Pikachu" is an odd game where you fight a giant yellow creature before it devours you and the city! Since the creature has a HUGE amount of health, it is recommended that you invite some friends to come and help stop the creature! Thanks for playing, and have fun! Join this group or follow "TheDominical" on Twitter for codes! 👍 If you had fun, please consider leaving a like and/or favorite on the game! It helps me out a lot! 👍 Tip: If you have too many tools, use the backpack button on the top left of your screen. Reset your character in order to receive gamepass items.

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  • A Very Hungry Pikachu CLASSIC

    A very old version of AVHP

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