Hello, everyone. I am DarkGuardian1993. I'm a casual player, I only like to accept friends who've I played with and I'll try to help as much people as possible.
I play roblox, because I would like to see how to master scripting and try to help as much people once I have obtained everything that can be possibly be collected.
I would like to make my place to become popular enough for people to explore, once I have finished developing of what I can use now.
If you would like to suggest any help, please try to find me in games and ask me for some help on that location.
Enjoy Roblox and have fun!Read More


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  • My house, Robloxed

    I built my place to replicate my real life house. I've done the hard part of getting the raw blocks and arranging them uniquely to form my place. Massive amounts of credit goes to ihaveamac with the technical scripting help and advices! The main idea for this place is to make it become a chatroom, so once everyone is online at once, you an interact with each other as well as to chat and learn about my place and each other.

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