• The Office [UPDATE!]

    Explore Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and the Scranton Business Park like never before! Work in an office with friends and play pranks on each other while selling paper, reading emails and answering phones! Updates: • Explore Michael's House • Participate in the Dunder Mifflin Fun Run Race for the Cure • Explore and find all 3 yogurt lid medals for the Office Olympics. Pose on the podium with your success. • More easter eggs added throughout the maps • Updated transportation with the Scranton Taxi Service • Total of 4 new badges added. • General bug fixes and quality of life improvements If you enjoy the game please like it! It helps a lot! Want to give a special thanks to EgoMoose for their teleportation portal! ⚠️Warning: High part count (Lowering graphics quality is recommended for optimal performance)

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