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Thank you all for the success that Dragon Ball Rage has had these past six years. 
I read all messages but a response from me is pretty rare.

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  • Particle Tornado Demo

    It looks best with a high graphics level! For best results: Graphics Level 3 or higher Maximum FPS of 60

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  • [2x] Dragon Ball Rage

    Fight your enemies, friends, and rivals in Dragon Ball Rage. Unlock epic skills. Will you be the strongest? Controls: [Q]: Ki Blast (train ki) [E]: Combat (train attack and agility) [R]: Ki Self (train defense) [B]: Long Transform [N]: Short Transform [V]: Aura Toggle [X]: Hover your mouse over someone and press X to lock on [SPACE]: Double tap space to fly [SHIFT]: Hold Shift to run/speed fly Current Max: 205 Million Limit Breaker Max: 210 Million Zenkai Boost Max: 40 Scripter: iDracius Builders: CrutchBazooka, TheBeastSword, KingXerviux We reserve the right to update and change gamepass benefits at anytime.

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