Hey there! I'm BarneyHunter12! I'm known for being an Officer in the MBTA Transit Police, Captain in the United States Military 1960's, and Jedi Master in the New Jedi Order. But what I'm MOST known for, is owning the YouTube channel under the same name. My ROBLOX madness face is NOT up for trade!
The things I wear, are there to represent something. (In My Normal Outfit Anyway. So anything not seasonal.)
The TIX above my head, represent that I was fortunate enough to be around during the era of TIX. The red ray gun in my hand, is a throwback to what my original character used to always wear. The lightsaber t-shirt represents when I once was a Jedi Master in a Star Wars group. The cape I wear reminds me of a king's cape. I am the trolling emperor. And of course, the YouTuber sweatshirt represents that I am a YouTuber.


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