HEY! YOU!
DON'T! Ok? I won't join. Go pester someone else. (Hit Read More for actual stuff)

Blurby-da-blurby-da-blurb. Why do they call it a blurb? the world may never know....
I'm a land squid. But I'm a master of deception so YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!

Joined in January of 2009.
Will I...
Donate?         No.
Go to your place?        Probably not.
Join you random group?     NO
Accept your friend request? Most likely not.
Deny that I am not a human? Nope.
Waste your time by adding another question? Yep!
Give you an internet hug? Sure! *hug*
Yuss, I'm a christian.   :D

I am currently working on Spectrum. If you want, go and check it out sometime!

Ha! Made ya look!

You must really like scrolling.

What do you expect to find down here? A waffle?
There aren't any waffles down her- oh wait, here's one! (>'o')>#


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  • --{[Spectrum]}-- DEEEEP Alpha

    Controls: Left click to fire, Shift to run, R to recharge, M for menu. The orangish pads on the floor heal you and refill your energy. They don't work when they are tan. Current Version: 0.11a Changelog: -Introduced versions :P -Modified the laser gun's ammo system -Added a map in the spawn rooms -Fixed charging pads -Removed spawn forcefields -MAP IS DONE \o/ -Fixed a bug that allowed you to fire faster by spamming the mouse This version is rather stable, but rather unfinished. You can play it alright, but there are a few essential things that need to be done. These include but are not limited to: Make a custom leaderboard Finishing the lobby (Which is in progress) Making more maps Making rounds Making gamemodes Making a spectator mode And more! So If you are so bored that you want to play this unfinished game that nobody else plays, or if you want to check out my progress, this version shouldn't freeze roblox. If it does, message me.

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  • Spectrum Testing

    Wanna play a version of Spectrum more broken than it already is? Well it's your lucky day! This game is super broken! Yay!

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  • Club Mixolydia

    Here's a little project I have been working on. You might be thinking "Oh, just another club game." However, it is more than that. First of all, the tiles on the floor change in time with the music, and I also plan to make it so that you dance to the beat. Pretty neat stuff if you ask me. But will I stop there? NO! I also intend to have a few minigames incorporated into the club, so you can do more than just hang out. If all goes well, this will be the club to end all clubs. BTW, Everything in the game was done by me, except for the music. I just don't have enough robux for that. However, if I do make some money off of the club, I know how to make full versions of the songs, so that the songs don't end abruptly.

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