Hello I am Chaasey, a ROBLOX Developer & YouTuber. I'm mostly known in the FE2 community. I'm an unofficial FE2 Certified Warrior in the FE2 Warriors series, created by Lugia731. I'm also known for my Flood Escape 2 Remake, Flood Escape Mission.

It takes a lot for me to be your friend, I must trust you and know you very well. I must trust that you won't manipulate me, backstab me, betray me, or offend me in any way.

Thats about all, thanks for reading! ^^ 
Below I have listed the months where I made FE2 Leaderboard!

Flood Escape 2 Leaderboard: 
#3 December 2018 (1.475 Million) 
#11 February 2019 (705K) 
#1 April 2019 (1.666 Million)Read More


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  • (UPDATE!) Flood Escape 2 Hall of Fame

    - Added September 2019 FAIR Winners! - Added FE1 Hall - Halloween decorations - New Music - Smoother Loading - New spawn room! This is the OFFICIAL continuation to the Flood Escape 2 hall of fame by pinekones! Check out the original here: Have you ever wondered about the past months of the FE2 leaderboard and who won the months, this is the place to go! The hall of fame displays each monthly winners and xp!

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  • [HALLOWEEN!!] Flood Escape Mission - Beta

    The Halloween update has been released, including some major changes, available for this month only! - New Autumn lobby! This lobby will stay until around about December 4th - HALLOWEEN EVENT!! Find Candy Corn around maps, and collect them to earn sweet rewards! (Some maps currently do not have Candy Corn, please be patient) Rewards will vary from limited time shop items, that you can buy after the event, or you can trade them in for some amethysts! This will be available in 3 days. - Flood Escape Mission is a breakthrough fan made sequel to the Flood Escape franchises. Escape many unique maps created by the community, avoid drowning in water, acid, and even hot boiling lava! Difficulties will increase, and maps will get gradually harder to beat! No assets from FE2 or any other fan made game have been implanted in this game, everything here was created by the FEM Dev Team. Anyone who claims to say we stole assets are false.

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  • FEM Map Test

    Get maps from Chaasey's Inventory! (follow, because security)!/models Submit your maps in-game using a map model you created! Welcome to FEM Map Test, where you can test your maps using our whitelist & play feature. Create maps using our kit, and play them in this game for testing, to verify for errors, and polish some areas. Submit your maps using the 1-click submit feature, where your map submits immediately after doing a check with the model in question. This feature is much simpler than sending us a message on Twitter.

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