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  • Imphyu

    Imphyu is a group of gamers that go on games and invade it, or maybe troll it. Basically we want to make ROBLOX great again. The more you are trusted the more you'll get to join our invasions. calendarer will add you as a friend (if you're selected) and invade! To be more trusted, you must stay active on the group and join in on group meetings when those do happen. If you are making ROBLOX worse, or just really annoying us, you will be kicked and moved back to Tier 1. If you feeling like you are trusted, message calendarer and he'll reply asap. Motto: Always take risks. Tiers go by trust, so for example if you are Tier 1 and you are really trusted, you might move up to Tier 3. Please feel free to share our group.

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  • Fairy Tail [ FTOF ]

    The Fairy Tail Guild of Fairy Tail Online Fighting by VetexR. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Fairy Tail is the number one guild in Fiore! We are a family here in Fairy Tail and if you pick on one of us, you pick on all of us! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Guild Master: ss5goku1234 Current Guild Owner: iiiCuteCupcakes -------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO BE PROMOTED This guild is ranked by your class in game. Message the “Ranking Helpers” or the "Guild Owner" of this group with your in-game class. Be sure to provide proof whether it be a decal, image, or video of your rank! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Message the "Guild Owner" for any questions. --------------------------------------------------------------------

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  • Assist III Criminals

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      Robber of all
  • ~/Flood Escape\~

    This is the Official Flood Escape Group! Join here for the latest news and info relating to Flood Escape, along with exclusive access to the Pre-Releases of Flood Escape, showing features before release or during the next versions development! Check out the Pre-Release here:

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  • Team Domino

    ═───╡Introduction to Team Domino╞───═ ═───╡Core laws╞───═ ═───╡Ranking and Promotion╞───═ ═───╡Official group games╞───═ Fort Aamon:

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