• Accelerate V4 - PRE-ALPHA

    WARNING: This game is very large and requires a good internet connection and a decent PC.This game is also far from complete and will often get major updates. Do not buy if you are expecting a complete game. 6/16: -Flip modes (Aggressive and Normal, found in settings) -Major save patch regarding mods -Radio -Purchasable spawn space (Have more than one car out at a time) -Various bug fixes 6/9: -Firefighter job -Setting UI Enabled --Car nicknames --Delete cars --Interface Scaler -Three new cars: --Bugatti Veyron --Bugatti Chiron --Aventador S -Major map improvements -Major save fixes Controls: -Q and E turn signals -Y hazards -M Toggle automatic and manual -K hi-beams -R and F, upshift/downshift in manual -X exit driver seat (space for others) -V flip -CTRL toggles precision steering; slows down wheel turn speed -T Toggle spoiler -Space (holding) handbrake -Right Alt hides all UIs

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  • Accelerate V3 [Discontinued] [READ DESC]

    Support for V3 has officially halted. Link to V4: https://www.roblox.com/games/168441115 Join the Official Accelerate Group for immediate updates and answers to any questions! https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=3013225 The cars and car brands shown in this game are in no way related or affiliated with the actual car brands

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