• Alien Facility Tycoon [YouTube CODE❤️Read Desc.]

    👨‍🔬Welcome Test Subject!👩‍🔬 -🔨EXPAND YOUR FACILITY! -👽FIGHT ALIENS! -⚗️DISCOVER POTIONS! -💖TEAM UP WITH YOUR FRIENDS! -🛸ESCAPE INTO SPACE! ...AND MORE! 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to 'FancySmash' on YouTube for an EXCLUSIVE CODE! 🔴 ⭐Join the 'FancyNating Games' group to receive a UNIQUE 'Scientist' rank in-game!⭐ 🔷Follow @FancySmash on Twitter to vote for upcoming Alien Facility Tycoon updates!🔷 Thanks to all HELPERS! cccamtheman - Lobby Builder Joshua - GFX Thumbnail Designer SubjectValue - Game Icon/Gamepass Icon Designer TheProRumi - Saturn, Sun & Halloween Planet/Adventure Interior Builder romanaisawesome - Saving System The music: Vexento - Oh, Look, Aliens! Upbeat Pop (YT) Alien Invasion - Purchased Soundsnap Membership

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