• [WIP][v0.1.3] Site-98

    [NOTE: This site is in VERY early development!] Site-98 is a containment site of the SCP Foundation located in the deep wilderness of [REDACTED]. It is one of the Foundation's largest locations and it is the home of many SCP objects. Current SCP's contained on-site: SCP-005, SCP-109, SCP-178, SCP-207, SCP-216, SCP-294, SCP-500, SCP-714, SCP-860, SCP-1025, SCP-1499 NOTE: The SCP Storage Chamber will be relocated to the Light Containment Zone once the LCZ gets built. Version changelog: - v0.1.3 - Added some new rooms (Including a in-zone checkpoint, which will also get added to the LCZ once it gets made) - v0.1.2 - Added more rooms (Including electrical center) I plan to add five zones (Entrance Zone, Light Containment Zone, Heavy Containment Zone, Maintenance Zone and Sewer Zone) and many, many SCP's as I plan this to be a long-term project of mine.

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