Yes, I made those cringe roblox games from your childhood.  
I'm Am4 and I have been playing this game for over 12 years now.


  • The MLG Murderer 2!

    The 2013 fan favorite makes a return in this unoriginal ultimate murdering-spree sequel filled with dead memes! We know the murder genre is stale and that the mlg memes are dead too, but we don't care, cuz it's all ironic!!!!111 test your detective abilities by rdm'ing the murderer, die every round, or tryhard your aiming / dodging skills like if you were rank 254 in phantom forces! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING (REVIEWS): ""bruh my ears" simulator" "why is there minecraft and furries in this game" "better than fall guys tbh" "when are u gonna add skin trading like murder mystery 2" "theres literally a tower of hell map in the game so'' "this is not among us btw but can u still kill the impostor because they're kinda sus plz" "id rather play adopt me but you do you" == BETA == Report any bugs and send feedback and suggestions! Special thanks and other credits listed inside the game.

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