Hope ya have a good time 
.... 1 night and 1 more show ....
1 more memory
>;) thx
For the Memories evry one!
and have a good SaturDay night!!!...
( soory for MAJOR LAG ppl )
P.s. dont buy bilderclub Yeat!
ok ROBLOX is screwd up a littil
...ok so do not buy a bilderculb
i had one on anotehr account they:
riped me off ...
my place did not work and thes account want work good eather
(the Great Roblox Deprishion!)Read More

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  • * CLOSED due to lag ... * ples read Dec...

    We ppl of the Roblixains are going trhew a Grate Lag Deprishon ... i laged a lot and other places lag like crazy XD you mhit read thes after the Depasion of lag ... Ples do not comment saying im not laging some ppl are .. pages crashing ROBLOX has crashed on me a lot sooo i will git some ppl to help me fix my lag and stuff *( pels message bilderman fo help! )* i am not responsibal for any laging ore dithe to lag so jsut Message BilderMan! And he will help you ( may be ) i am not sher pleas do not coplane to any one eles not no body's falet bad accnitona nd roblox is screwd up a littil so i al Very Soory for any one how lages badly ore has the follwoing internet connations! : Dileup ( that is all i know of ) i am VERY VERY SOORY ore ples message the manger of staff ore scrips for scripting help and stuff ... ok thank you - Helper of the ppl of roblox Cops - i can help some times if you need any wheres to go i know a lot of ppl and i know all Adimsters! and staff

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