My cringy username is pronounced as: 'Gee Ayy Mustang’. Aka Jealous_Loser.

I'm a 23 year old college senior with a passion for the digital world, and I am interested in majoring in computer programming and science. I often spend my free time messing around on Roblox; on some occasions, however, I will grind a few hours on Roblox studio, writing experimental scripts for experience. I learned to script through countless hours of studying Roblox Wiki pages and experimentation on authentic Roblox gears, with nobody around to help me. I am currently familiar with a couple programming languages.

I'm not a very sociable person and will most likely ignore you when in-game (unless I personally know you). To get on my friends list: I either have to know you as a person, or you need to be a long-term loyal acquaintance whom I know I can trust.  You'll probably see me on the  ATR, S&I, Help, P&E, RT, and/ OT sections of the Roblox forums.

k, now go away.


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