Roblox Builder/ Modeler - I create some of the assets in the game Welcome to Bloxburg by Coeptus 
YouTuber - I create Roblox videos, including Bloxburg speedbuilds, for 75k+ subs!  

Feel free to DM me about Bloxburg game issues or suggestions for future updates. Any messages regarding bans in the game need to go to Coeptus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Can you make a build for me in Bloxburg? Unfortunately, I receive too many requests and don't do any builds for others at this time.
- When is the next Bloxburg update? Sorry, I cannot reveal this information.
- Can you add me as a friend? Sorry, I receive too many requests to add everyone. :/
- Can you donate to me? Sorry, unfortunately I do not donate.
- Do you have unlimited money? No, I just cover it up in some videos to reduce the number of people asking me to donate to them.
- What do you use to record/ edit? I record using OBS and edit using Adobe Premiere Pro.

See the above links for my official accounts!

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  • Blox Tank

    A map/ sound stage being created for the group, Blox Tank, owned by Dr. Chespin. This group is based off the game show "Shark Tank" supporting people in game and group development with various resources. All assets are original besides the textured fish & shark meshes.

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