Once there was a day I was asked to write a poem.
Quiet shadows, fading candles, twinkling stars.
But... wherefore? 
Quiet shadows in the gloaming, cast from the cold of the stars, twinkling like candles in the fading twilight. 
Or were they laughing? 

Once there was a day I was asked to tell a story.
The city, a father and a son. 
A tale of sunset clouds in a forest of sparkling glass is seen through a window; Told to a boy by his father, lying in his bed as he gazes upon the lives of the masses below, and tries to remember. 
Well, not for much longer. 
Once there was a day I was asked to write a song,
Given nothing but a pyre and a pen.
O fortuna. 
So I took the pyre with me and I wrote about the pen.
But oh… I’ve forgotten all the tune now.

And once there was a day when my hand could write no more,
All the stories and the songs I’d ever dreamed or ever hoped for.
And I turned and looked around me for a person passing by,
And I asked them, would you kindly write a poemRead More


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    Real quick, here are some DISCLAIMERS corporate is forcing me to share with you: - This game is in BETA and may have some unexpected bugs and glitches. Usually rejoining the game will take care of it! If an issue persists please contact the developers! - This game is difficult. We are not responsible for destruction of property due to rage. THANK YOU. - The developers are NOT demonic beings trying to transfer hell into your dimension through this game. That's what the government WANTS you to think. - Surprisingly enough, yes, this game is possible, and yes, the developer has beaten every level. ------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.02b

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