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I Saw The Stars:

A river of sewn gold,
Crystals blue and emeralds green.
A quiet beauty, a wild energy,
Across a great ravine.

The doors are closed, the way is barred, the sky is brilliant, clear.
But I can’t reach the stars. For me they disappear.

I put out the stars. 
It is from me they hide.
I bring with me a darkness drawn around me with my pride.
I bring a quiet intensity,
Which blows the storms unto the seas.
A final destination, a fear I can’t appease.

I see the stars as they fade, one by one, gone from the sky.
Each one a separate hope.
A dream I’m watching die.

I saw the stars before they fell
With pity, fear, disdain.
And after all, against my call, what once stood tall, now not at all,
Since not a one remains.Read More


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