Hi there, I'm sonickyle! I joined on the 1st of January 2009 and like playing innovative games as well as the classics such as Paintball and Destroy the Wall.

I do not accept random friend requests. Don't bother sending them to me; click Follow instead. If you want to contact me privately, please do so via my linked social media.

My only alt is SonickyleHelper, which I use for testing my games, and nothing else.

List of cool stuff I've done:
> I've danced in front of Mr_Root in an official Twitch Stream (Let's Play Roblox #28).


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  • Eternal Nova [WiP]

    Eternal Nova is an action RPG that will soon feature unique gameplay not seen before on Roblox. === THIS GAME IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT AND IS NOT FUNCTIONAL === Using various different weapons and classes, you must slash, shoot, and cast your way through various locations filled with monsters. Each quest area is instanced and drops are unique to each player. Unlike many of the other RPGs on Roblox, I'm aiming to create an RPG that isn't just a boring click-fest. Special attacks, multiple classes, various types of weapons that each have their own attacks, interactive multiplayer questing and special events will be present. This game will be heavily inspired by the Phantasy Star Online games (both 1 & 2, but mainly 2). This game is nowhere near to completion, so a lot of stuff doesn't work. Most sound effects and music are temporary in this project, and I'm looking at replacing them.

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  • VioletFate (WIP Classic Arena style place)

    Fight with some classic weapons in a smallish arena. Bounce up to the checker grid, knock players into the pit, and stare at the violet pillers to think about what they are for. This is my currently work in progress attempt at creating an arena-type place that combines the old Roblox weapons with newer graphics and features. As such there will be a lot of stuff incomplete, mainly aesthetics and balancing.

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