• Sword Evolution [ALPHA]

    Join my Group : https://www.roblox.com/groups/7917003/Red-Fox-Studio ⚔️Welcome to Sword Evolution !⚔️ The best battling, fighting arena game! Collect the crystals and kill your opponents to gain experience and grow in size. With each level up your character will evolve, changing the sword appearance and increasing in size. Beware of the small opponents as they are the fastest assassins! ✨ -Free 5% XP boost for Premium member ⚔️LATEST UPDATE [03 10 2020 Alpha 0.1]⚔️ Official Launch of the Game !🎉 🗡️ -19 SWORD EVOLUTIONS 🌌 -25 CHARACTER LEVELS 🌈 -6 DIFFICULTY ZONES 🌟 -5 CHARACTER STATS TO UPGRADE 🏅 -TOP PLAYERS LEADERBOARD 🏆 -RANKING SYSTEM 👍Like the game if you want more content !!!

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