Note : No other important alts - anyone else saying he is me is trying to rip you off. 
Some stuff about me : 
- Used to trade very actively which reflects my wealth. I still do trade so feel free to follow me and send me trades! NOTE : I DO NOT TRADE BACK UNLESS IT WAS SAID BEFORE THE DEAL WAS DONE!
- Favourite Item : Euro 180 ✓ 
- Been Playing since 2011. 
- I support Rolimons and I am an Advisor for the growing website.
- As of 2019, I am focusing on Developing and will be releasing some games hopefully! 
- I do not accept random friend requests but feel free to send me messages! I read them all! Do not ask for donations. I never asked and never got any.Read More


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  • 2v2 RS Games

    - Made by L3AGLE - Tools and Ball Fixed - Commands : CloneBall - Clones a ball on you AddCrossers - Adds Crossers on the pitch. RemoveCrossers - Removes Crossers from the pitch.

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