I'm Andrew, most people call me Andy. I am 20 years old and have been playing Roblox since 2011, but now I mostly come on during my leisure. I always respond to messages or chats, so feel free to talk to me and I will reply when I can. I do NOT accept friend requests, but still send them because I like seeing the number go up.
If you want to see amazing gameplays and tutorials featuring Roblox and more, subscribe to my channel AndyGee1111. Currently, it has amassed a grand following of 1,600 + subscribers. 
I use to be involved with war clans, my clan the International Robloxian Army reached 3,000 + members and became a great community for all people of all ages and skill. I was also the leader of several smaller clans and even a high rank in larger clans like Green Gods, RSF and RoNation. This involvement has also garnered me a reputation as one of the top builders in the community.Read More


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  • Very Large City Base (1750 For a Copy)

    http://www.roblox.com/City-Fort-Purchase-item?id=172835656 This base is a giant city and a little island with your flag. It costs 1750 robux for a copy. Just buy the shirt and message me saying: "I have bought the shirt, party chat when possible" I will then party chat you and give you your copy. If you don't trust me immediately due to scammers, thats fine. Party me before buying the shirt and we could negotiate.

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  • IRA Holographic Training Center

    This is a very easy to work holo training facility. You can get your copy for only 1000 robux. Buy the shirt and message me saying: "I bought the shirt, party chat me when possible" I will party you and give you the copy. If you don' trust me immediately, thats fine just party me first and then we could negotiate for your copy.

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