Name: JayBlueBirds Alt: jetblake14 [Original/Official Kenshin Himura of ROBLOX] -------------------------- What i love: Anime, Video Games (Playstaion 4, vita, Xbox One), and Clothing Where do you live and were will you live in the futer?: Kansas city, live in Texas or LA one day. Sports teams: Chicago Bulls, NO Saints, PSG, Royals. what do i want to do in the world?: make a change, love people, be kind. and hope to still keep my love of Shoes. and find that one girl out there for me. ------------------- I Quit ROBLOX! --------------------- EBL All-Star Appearance (1x) EBL Champion (1x - S3) LBA All-Star (1x) LBA All-Star Coach (1x) LBA All-Star Starter (1x) LBA Hall of Fame Read More

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  • House of Hoops.™

    Reopening House of Hoops House of Hoops by Foot Locker is your home for premium kicks from Nike and Jordan. For the latest in Air or Retros

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  • Quit ROBLOX, bye.

    You're welcome to make this group your primary to show that you have quit roblox. Don't give your account to anyone in the comments!

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  • Anime and Manga Club

    Welcome to the Anime and Manga Club, the #1 otaku hotspot on ROBLOX. We are currently one of the most active and friendliest anime / manga communities on the internet. We hope you enjoy your stay! Here you may discuss about anime-related topics with our diverse community. While opinions are respected, please read the group's guidebook and abide by our rules. Thank you! ──────────────────────────── Anime and Manga Club hosts its own website! Search up "Anime and Manga Club" in any search engine and join our large and growing community! -- ✧ New here? We'd recommend you read our guidebook: ✧ -- Check out our group store, we feature many anime-inspired outfits designed by the community: ─────────────────────────── Anime and Manga Club, a community started by Ryukiyo in 2012.

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  • Chicago Bulls

    The Official Fan Club Of The Chicago Bulls. The team of Michael Jordan. Chicago's favorite team and pride of the city. A great basketball team. Join today!Windy City always wins!

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