• Splash Mountain the Roblox Version

    TO START THE RIDE: PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON LOCATED NEXT TO LOG IN THE LIGHT POLE Welcome to Splash Mountain the ROBLOX Version. This is a unique version of one of Disney's most popular attractions. To start your journey, press the green button located in the lamp post in the station. There is ONLY two logs, so if you do not see one please wait. ------ Lag? Lower your setting preferences. ------ Version: 2.7 Last Update: 11/11/16 ------ For your enjoyment: -Remain seated at ALL TIMES! -Do not jump from the log! -Please be friendly to others! -This attraction contains strobe lights that may not be suitable to all! ------ Created By: andrewthebeast-Vritix-DoctorThink Audio By: Carthay

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  • Universal CityWalk Orlando

    THE ORIGINAL CITYWALK ORLANDO! Welcome to Universal CityWalk Orlando, home to stores, restaurants, and entertainment! Shop at Dove or eat at The Brassie, or just have a great time with friends! Please be advised that this is just the CityWalk portion of the Universal Orlando Resort, and there is no current project to continue to finish the rest of the resort. Twitter: @uniroblox This game was created by AndrewOfPeace, ######## and Universal Creative members. We are NOT affiliated with the actual Universal Studios/NBC/Comcast.

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