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Obbist / Scripter

All obby achievements:
Claustrophic (Tier 7)
Blue Obby (Tier 7)
Silent Skies (Tier 7)
Monochromatic (Tier 8)
THE Tower of Hell (Tier ?)

My original alternative account is XapelizeAlt. Please do not fall for impersonators. All my alts' are currently not public.

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  • Wallhop Custom [FREE VIP SERVER]

    Welcome to Wallhop Custom, a game where you can customize your own wallhop and train your wallhopping skills with lots of features! This game is still in huge development.The user interface might feel low quality, but as long as the game is working, please don't hate on the game! We appreciate all your suggestions :) If you can't set the settings of wallhop, try to rejoin! Annoyed of people keep setting the wallhop? Make a VIP server! (FREE) Warning: This game is not fully compatible for mobile. Alert: The game might be laggy in lower-end devices, due to lots of parts are spawned in the same time. Found a bug? Message me!

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  • Infinite Obby

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not the free template that ROBLOX made...... Start off with a little ground and a brick. You jump on the brick, you get to the next obstacle... and jump on the obstacle you get another obstacle... and so on. This is a little project I made, I will probably update this. Like if you can withstand 5 jumps!

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