Hello. This used to be my only account, but now I'm on LanDev. I made a free modeled game a few months back, and came back and it had almost 3k visits d:


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    This amazingly detailed Role-playing game is out. There are so many things to do, from going to school, to playing with gear at the gas station. And with 10 people servers, make friends, and memories as well. The game is very interactive. Try different things. There are all kinds of stuff to do. If you have any trouble, check out the in game tutorial. And expect updates soon. A real quick disclaimer: A lot of the stuff on here is free models. I did edit a lot of them, but I don't deserve 100% credit for this game, though I put it all together. It's kinda ironic that I'm the one almost ripping people off, considering I'm actually a pretty decent builder. Anyways, I'll make my own CUSTOM updates soon.

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