award winning clothing designer & artist at gamefam ♡  event organizer for roblox
roblox toy celebrity series 8 ✧・゚

 ・゚proudly worked with gucci, hyundai, and forever 21♡

find my work in Royale High, Bloxburg, MeepCity, Roblox Highschool, Adopt Me!, Fashion Famous, My Droplets, Brittanic, Crown Academy, and other projects. 

thank you for over 2.5+ million clothing sales :))


  • cSapphire ♡ Clothing Store

    welcome to csapphire clothing store you will find cute and trendy feminine clothing! there are over 600 clothing items to pick from, so it's guaranteed you will find something you'll love to try on clothes, please select the shopping bag tool. you will start off in the 'pants' mode, click on the legs of a mannequin to try on the pants. to switch to 'shirt' mode, press Q on your keyboard and click the arms of the mannequin. please leave a thumbs up and favorite. if you have any feedback or questions, please message me. built by harht and d5no :) art by siros_art

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