• Build Your Own Mech | 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

    Update 1/29/24: - Decision to keep BYM open. - Disabled some experimental Anti-Exploit problems, should not kick you with "Good gravy" error. CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF BYM! BYM opened first on January 25th of 2014 as a competitor to BYC. Its development and community ranked it as the number one mech building game on the platform for years. As challenges arose with security and compatibility, the development never reached its intended potential, but the game still has some functionality and (most) all the old data! Notice: Game may be buggy, game mechanics are not adjusted for post PGS solver physics (2020). Save system and building system work okay, but may need tweaking. All-time original player data is here, and is fully backed up (last done in August 2020 for 20k users) in case the game is taken down or major data issues occur. Enjoy our nostalgic classic!

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  • Get Eaten By A Zombie For Points

    FE SWITCHED ON, Most of the game is broken, we'll be back in business when I get time to fix weapons and all. Sorry Welcome to Get Eaten By A Zombie For Points! You must act quick to get eaten and earn as many points as you can so you can defend yourself from other players and get some aiming practice ;) A classic "get eaten" genre game famous since 2009. Revamping will be seen in the coming year to make this game 1000% better. Don't forget to thumbs up and favorite! :)

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