• Dream world

    We all have been waiting for you here. welcome back. ---------------------------- Warning: this game contains small amounts of blood, eyes, scary imagery, teeth and Stuff that might cause derealization. There are no jumpscares in the game. Dream world was made to be an Exploration type of game but now It can be used as whatever, Just don't ruin the experience for others. This game has VR support! 99% of the rooms are based off of Liminal space images. Tags; Dereality Weirdcore Dreamcore Aesthetic Liminal Liminal spaces Oddcore

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  • JOVIAL Playground

    Something feels wrong. Am I supposed to be here? --------------------------------------------- Warning: this game contains; blood, Teeth, Bugs, Eyes, Trypophobia, Loud sudden sounds, dark imagery. There are NO jumpscares/Screamers in the game. This game can be laggy on low-end devices the game Has VR Support! Tags: Dreamcore , Weirdcore , kidcore , oddcore

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  • Weirdcore Hotel Tralude

    Welcome to tralude! We have a room ready for you. ---------------------------------- Warning: this game contains, Blood, Teeth, Bugs, Eyes and Stuff that might cause derealization. There are NO jumpscares in the game. -------- Tralude is a small hangout game so don't expect anything big/cool. ^^ tags: Dereality Weirdcore Dreamcore Liminal spaces Oddcore

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