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Wazzaup ppl! I have reduced my friends list to my real friends. Check out my new map: Canyon WarfareRead More


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  • Canyon Warfare

    Note: Zombie chance of spawning = 50% AT night. There is a kick script and Pie Bombs + Pie Stars now damage zombies. An exquisitely designed map packed with detail. You start out on Pie Canyon with two basic weapons and can upgrade up to 6 different weapons. You fight the opposing team and try and capture their flag for an additional 50 Points (and a badge!). Weapons Saved on Death. 11 Badges. 4v4 CTF with zombies. What more can you want? PM me for problems, suggestions, or just to say hai. Enjoy! -shockwavez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pie Warz Vip T-Shirt at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attack the Reds T-Shirt at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attack the Blues T-Shirt at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • Gum Tycoon |Updated|

    Fixed an old classic tycoon. Enjoy Vip no longer working due to no builder's club. Hence, ignore the VIP below: ~~Vip at: ~~Souvenir T-Shirt at:

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  • Escape in 3:00 minutes -VIP inactive

    You were kidnapped and placed in a warehouse loaded with TNT. You have 3 minutes to escape. Are you up to the task? Comment your best time! Badges fixed on new server. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIP at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Souvenir t shirt at:

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  • High Tech Prison Escape 1 {2 Badges}{Redone}

    If you beat it (lol) then get then get the "I beat shockwavez high tech prison escape shirt" at: Totally redone! 3 new obbies added and the train one was deleted. 2 Badges were also added.

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  • Bloxilicious Chocolate Tycoon

    A brand new factory has opened. Be sure to check it out! PM any bugs (lol, if you find em!). Enjoy! 100% Original. _______________________________________________ Vip: _______________________________________________ Souvenir T-Shirt: _______________________________________________

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