Just some average aspiring roblox developer who likes making dreams come true. I like to script, create games, eat food, and procrastinate. I enjoy seeing others be amazed and enjoy the things I've created. Check out some of my work on Twitter @PandoozleRBLX (currently inactive)

Have any questions? Simply follow me and send me a message, I'll be sure to respond to you as soon as I can.

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  • Audio Visualizer [Open Source]

    This is an Audio Visualizer system I created sometime back. It allows you to create parts on your mouse when you play a song. This system allows you to change the color of the visualizer, the volume, and the pitch. Feel free to change/edit things around by taking a copy. If you want me to add any other feature you think would fit in this system, please tweet me @PandoozleRBLX. Here is the tweet with a demonstration of this system:

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  • Obstacle Course Minigames

    Welcome to Obstacle Course Minigames! A new type a minigame thats isn't just some ordinary minigame...This minigame features obstacle courses that you have to survive to wins points, with your points you can buy anything you ever imagined. Here in this game, we feature Apartments, Mining, Explore cool places, Cut Trees, Obstalces, and more fun to come. This game allows you to have the best fun possible, you can do anything, or be anything. The imagination is endless. This is Obstacle Course Minigames. We hope you all have fun at your stay. NOTE: This game is not playable due to bugs, and testing. We plan to release the game to the public VERY SOON. Want to stay updated on the game? Follow @PandoozleRBLX on Twitter to keep on exciting updates coming up in the near future.

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