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  • The Casidine Empire

    We will never give up. We are strong. We will grow. We are the almighty Casidine Empire. ---Motto--- "If defeated once by thy enemy, conquer thy enemy." ---Needed--- ---News--- Let's get active! ---Links to uniforms--- Shirt: Pants: ---Link to Fort--- Fort in the making. ---Allies--- None yet. ---Enemies--- None yet. ---Defeated--- ---Raid Records (Includes deffences)--- Wins:0 Losses:0 Draws:0 ---War Records--- Wins:0 Losses:0 Draws:0

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      Citizen [1] [LR]
  • Froth Legion

    We are united as one. We are a techinical society from Planet Frotha. We are one of the strongest and most techinical in the whole galaxy. Show me your strength. Show me no weakness. Show me Power You are part of this and no matter your rank you will be respected. Aptitudia Lluminesa! Promotion-Do not ask. If you ask 3 times you'll be demoted. War:None Raids won: 1 Raids lost: 0 Uniforms Shirt": Battlecloak-item?id=82014559 Pants:Pants: Aptitude Lluminesa! SEIULFGAHUGRIKJEIG838 IQENBRH

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  • (Official) Atlanta Falcons Fans

    Do you like the Atlanta Falcons? Do you think they're totally AWESOME! Then This is the Group for you! I've noticed there are no Atlanta Falcons Fan Groups so this is the very first one and I know there are Falcons Fans out there. This Group was made so that all Falcons fans can post what they want about the Falcons. (Group now has manual join requests to decrease the amount of spam in the chat) I will make this clear to everyone: This is a FAN club not a haters club, I do not tolerate any hatred towards other NFL teams, rival or not. Failure to comply can and will result in deletion of comments and/or banishment. Spamming once, you will be given a warning, any more will also result in IMMEDIATE banishment.

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      Falcons Fans
  • spongebob fans!!!

    This is a group for fans of SpongeBob SquarePants.

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