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Formerly known as BrickThe_Dogelord and brickgame191...
9 Year Roblox Veteran.

Playing Roblox since 5/13/2009 
Building since 2011
Basic Scripting since 2014
First account : brickgame37

Hit 1000 Natural Disaster Survivals in Mid 2014 
Hit 2000 Natural Disaster Survivals in March 2016Read More


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  • 🎉Find The Doges

    Welcome to Find The Doges! Over 150 different doges to collect! Changelog is on Disc, join at the link below Your main objective is to collect/hunt the doges hidden around the map, the color and theme of each doge may be a hint to help locate it. Join our deskord server (K3qZ5UZ) to stay up to date on updates. ★ Every (non-special) doge is possible to obtain without any gamepass. ★ Constant Updates with new content like doges/areas/items. ★ Favorite this game so you can know whenever the game got a Update. ★ Warning! This game may contain : Retextured Doges, Memes, Free Models, Google Images Textures and weird sounds.

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