Roblox developer and Computer Science university student. Joined in 2008. Developer of RoBowling, Wings and lots more smaller projects. Feel free to contact me, messages are welcome from all. Read More


  • RBXDev

    devforum.roblox.com — On topic. Intelligent. Respectful. This is an unofficial group housing the community of the ROBLOX developer forums. All users in this group has proven ownership of a developer forum account. RBXDev is the previous name of the sub-site on ROBLOX where developers communicate with each other and ROBLOX staff in a civilized and helpful manner. Since group names can not be changed the name remained the same. If you do not have a forum account, your request to join will be declined. More information, and how to submit your application can be found here: http://devforum.roblox.com/t/how-to-apply-to-become-a-member-of-the-dev-forum/19405 Do you have an account and you want to join? Visit this thread! http://devforum.roblox.com/t/rbxdev-official-unofficial-roblox-group-info-and-other-tidbits/7042/

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  • QA Testers of Robloxia

    We are a Group of players and testers that provide testing services for any developer that Roblox is working with directly. To be a part of this testing group you must be a mature individual and be able to follow directions given to you by the group admin or the Test Lead or the developers we are working with. If You are accepted into this group, you MAY NOT talk about ANY game that you have helped test until AFTER it has been released. If you are caught leaking information about titles that are not released yet you will be kicked from the group and depending on the situation, may be banned from roblox.

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  • Temporary group

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  • RoBowling

    The official group of Roblox bowling! Join bowling leagues and compete in the RoBowling league. Get live updates from our developers of the game. Submit us feedback and suggestions on the group wall!

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  • UCAF Air force

    Important Group Info + Regulations - http://forum.roblox.com/Forum/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=181852759 Twitter - @UCAF_Official Facebook - RblxUCAF Our Website - ucaf.boards.net We are the United Countries Air Force. We specialize in air combat and are currently one of the largest most active Air Force's on ROBLOX with ground breaking technology. We take massive pride in this and keep focused on our group aims. We ask of each member to listen to high ranks and do as told, meanwhile having fun at the same time as well as forming friendships with other members. We strongly believe in being respectful to other members and being respectful to groups who respect us. If you want to be led by a leader who disciplines members on absolutely any wrongdoing then this is not the group for you. However, stretch us too far and we will not put up with you. Thank you to all the members currently and in the past who have helped to make the group the success that it is today. Group founded

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  • BZFlag (In Development)

    Just movement, shooting mechanics and flag types. Lots more to come. W,A,S,D to drive. SPACE to jump CLICK to fire bullet

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  • Rust Development Pre Alpha (v0.2)

    Filtering Enabled temporary disabled for fixes. IMPORTANT: If you would like to see another game I'm working on go here: https://www.roblox.com/games/442879361/BZFlag-In-Development Number 1 Tree Simulator in ROBLOX

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