Hello I'm Thomas, a passionate computer science enthusiast.
My goal is to push ROBLOX to its limit.
Have ideas? send me a tweet! @Tomarty_
Also feel free to follow me and play some of my games!Read More

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  • Shard Seekers ☄️

    Shards are falling from the sky! Use them to create characters and explore! Give your friends a lift by becoming dragons, wolves, tigers, horses and more! Playable on all platforms: Computer, Tablet, Phone, and Xbox! Join the group for a free puppy! Follow me on Twitter @Tomarty_, I have huge plans for this game! Planned updates: Resource gathering and crafting, enemy item drops, PvP, NPC shops, voice-acted NPC dialog/quests with mouth animations, levels/skills for characters and pets, dual wielding magic spells, customizable player homes, armor for pets, arrows for the bow, triceratops combat animations, more emotes for everything, new HD models for dogs/birds/mice, and of course, more animal types! Have fun! ☄️ 🐶️ 🐱️ 🐭️ 🦊️ 🐯️ 🐦️ 🐺️ 🐴️ 🦂️ 🦌️ 🐲️ 💎️

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  • Animation Lab 2.0

    Welcome! Official group: Have a problem or suggestions? Tweet me @Tomarty_ if you have any ideas or feedback :) You can wear and buy stuff by clicking on the character icon. Once you buy something, it's yours, forever :) Have fun, and stay animated ;D

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  • Screen Capturing

    I use this for taking high res screenshots. Use the numpad keys to change cameras. Press the period key to get the topbar out of the way.

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  • Animation Lab 1.0

    For those that prefer the old characters Feel free to discuss what problems you have with Animation Lab 2.0 in the comments.

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  • Infinite Random Volumetric Terrain

    Welcome to Swiss Cheese Mountain ToDo: Replace free-form triangles with whatever shape fits the space best

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  • Infinite Universe

    h, q, c, m, and n unlock secret plane controls... Explore an infinite, randomly generated universe! :D PM me if you would like to see a specific biome added, it only takes me a few minutes. This framework has the capacity to support hundreds of plane models and biomes, I'm just too lazy to add content. This was also programmed during a chronic migraine, so I don't much like its inner workings and it's a bit sloppy. It's a place to relax. I stopped working on this in 2012. - Basically No Man's Sky before it was cool <3

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